Admin February 22, 2023 KATA KAN-KU-DAI KAN KU DAI What does it mean, where it came from, and who created it? Does it matter? Maybe for some ’philosopher’ type karateka who rather spend time to dig its history than actually learn the kata? But in my opinion, when you want to learn something, you need […]


Admin February 22, 2023 TAIKYOKU SHODAN Taikyoku Shodan kata is not included really in the kata syllabus, but it helps the beginners to learn the 1st kata Heain Shodan Tags : karate, shodan, taikyoku Share This :


admin February 22, 2023 SOCHIN-KATA SOCHIN Introduction of the name of origin: Sochin kata gets its name for the extensive use of the stance ‘Sochin Dachi’. This Sochin dachi’s original name is ‘Fudo’ dachi, when it is used in this kata, it renamed by ‘Sochin’. According to the history in the late 1930’s Master Funakoshi’s […]