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Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah has an impressive long list of experiences as a Karate Instructor (Sensei), winning competitor in world-class tournaments and a DKrF (Danish Karate Federation) and SKIF (Europe) registered ‘Referee’. With more than 30 years of experience, Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah has established ‘Limhamns Shotokan Karate Klubb (LSKK)’ in Malmö, Sweden.

The saga of a Born Competitor

Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah has several winning title in different tournaments both in national and international stages. He joined Danish Karate Federation in late 90’s. He received his 4th Dan in 2008 and 5th Dan in 2015 there. He represented Danish National Team. He won Silver in Europen Masters Championship in 2008 and Gold in Masters Class (Kata) in 2014 & 2015 in Danish Championship (DM). He also won Silver in the same tournament (DM) in 2016. He became European Champion (kata Master class) in SKIF karate Championship which was held in Czec Republic in 2017. Sensei Jinnah represented Swedish National Team in international competitions.

Born in 1967, Sensei Shanawaz Jinnah achieved 1st Dan in 1988 from Sensei Tetsuro Kitamura of JKF (Japan Karate Association), 2nd Dan & 3rd Dan from late sensei Mitsu Yoshida of JKA (Japan Karate Association). During that time (under Sensei Yoshida) he was the assistant karate instructor of Bangladesh Karate Federation. He was appointed as the first karate coach of Bangladesh Army (the largest contributor in United Nation Peace Keeping Mission). He continued his role as karate instructor in Bangladesh Army up until 1998, before joining the Danish Karate Federation.

Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah won Silver and Gold (both kata and kumitte) in the 3rd Asian championship which was held in Delhi (India) in 1994. He won Gold in kata in 1995 National Karate Championship of Bangladesh.

Sensei Jinnah competed in World Cup SKIF Karate Championship which was held in Indonasia 2016, and took 4th place in Kata He was the chief instructor for   Musashi Shotokan Karate Club in Denmark for several years.

Role as a Referee and Mentor

Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah is a registered referee for Danish Karate Federation and Shotokan Karate International Federation. He is a B license (kumitte) holder from DKF (Danish Karate Federation), judge A (in Kata), and referee B license from SKIF (Europe).

Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah also provides mentoring for professional karate players and clubs in Sweden & Denmark. His experience with other legendary karate instructors makes him unique as a mentor for all types of learners and organizations. His Limhamns Shotokan Karate Klubb (LSKK) also provides affiliation to other organizations worldwide.